s2e4: Ben Seims

I feel like I have a pretty busy life. Full-time job, side hustle, wife, kids, a couple podcasts… Yeah, I stay pretty busy. Then I heard about all the things going on with my guest, Ben Seims, and I started to feel downright lazy.

Although I first met Ben while working at a small startup a few years back, it was when I found out about our mutual interest in CrossFit that our paths started to cross more frequently. Ben is the co-owner of CrossFit Wenatchee, and it’s his constant focus of helping others that made me want to have him on the show.

Check out some of Ben’s other activities at


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  1. Jerry LeBlanc on July 31, 2018 at 8:18 pm

    Very impressive podcast between yourself and Ben Seims. I have had the pleasure of working with Ben for about seven years. And during that time was able to observe not only his passion for his career but also the huge positive influence he has on other people Who are fortunate enough to have known him. He is an excellent educator and motivator, bringing out the best in people and leading by example! Once I have recuperated from total knee replacement surgery and all the physical therapy there after I can’t wait to begin my journey with CrossFit ! At 54 years of age I want to know what it means to be fit again ! I look forward to Ben and his team showing me how to get there

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