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e16: Don Scribner

I spent some time this week chatting with Don Scribner about his career as an actor, writer, producer & musician.

e15: Gabe Shepherd

Gabe is the Director of Business Development at, he’s on the advisory board at SXSW, which is all very impressive. But I like him because he’s a Los Angeles Kings fan and we share the same birthday. You know he’s gotta be good people.

e14: Kenny Eliason

Kenny Eliason from NeonBrand is extremely knowledgable about SEO and is kind enough to share a bunch of that information right here in this episode!

e13: Tony Perez

Tony Perez is passionate about security and fitness. This week I chat with Tony about that and a bunch more, like business and the amazing WordPress community.

e12: David Otto

This week I chat with massage therapist David Otto about small business, the massage industry and a bit about medicinal marijuana. How’s that for a combo?

e11: Matt Medeiros

Starting a podcast is pretty easy. Keeping one running for 100 episodes, that takes dedication and a WHOLE lot of work. This week I chat with Matt Medeiros who has a lot to say on the subject.

e10: Doug Daulton

We’re hitting a mini-milestone this week. Episode 10. Double digits! This week I chat with Doug Daulton, a long time friend and fellow geek. He has some great information on going after your passion in life and how to successfully crowdfund a project.

e9: Chris Lema

Chris and I take a deep dive in to his history of blogging daily, how that came about. We also talk about affiliate marketing, his coaching of teams big and small, and we finish by talking a bit about business conferences.

e8: Phil Simon

This week I chat with Phil Simon, an author of seven business books who happens to be based right here in Las Vegas. We met through one of the many tech events in downtown Vegas and initially bonded over our shared love of the greatest TV show of all time, Breaking Bad.