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s2e6: Jeremy Ward

I don’t know about you, but when I pack for a trip, there’s no extra room in my luggage for anything. My guest on this episode, Jeremy Ward, apparently doesn’t have that problem. Through our work together, he and I have traveled to attend a couple of events together. Both times he’s shown up with…

s2e5: Ben Lobaugh

When you get to work at 6 am, the idea of doing anything before work might seem a little crazy. It did to me for a while. But then I learned about the growth call being organized by my guest, Ben Lobaugh. In this episode, Ben gives me the low down on how the call…

s2e4: Ben Seims

I feel like I have a pretty busy life. Full-time job, side hustle, wife, kids, a couple podcasts… Yeah, I stay pretty busy. Then I heard about all the things going on with my guest, Ben Seims, and I started to feel downright lazy. Although I first met Ben while working at a small startup…

s2e3: Jeff Zinn

In this crazy world, there are few things more valuable than close friends. I consider myself lucky to call Jeff Zinn a close friend. Over the past couple of years, Jeff and I have helped each other through some of the toughest times of both of our lives. In this episode, we talk a bit…

s2e2: Jodie Riccelli

I have the great pleasure of working with Jodie on a daily basis. She’s the Director of Client Services at WebDevStudios, and she’s one of the hardest workers I know. When somebody is as good at their job as she is, it’s natural to assume that she’s being doing the same work since starting her…

s2e1: Brad Williams

CEO & Co-Founder of WebDevStudios, Brad Williams was a pretty obvious choice as the first guest of season two. While I’ve had plans to restart the podcast eventually, it was finally kicked into high gear after being on his podcast Lunch With Brad a couple weeks back. In this episode, Brad and I talk about…

e16: Don Scribner

I spent some time this week chatting with Don Scribner about his career as an actor, writer, producer & musician.

e15: Gabe Shepherd

Gabe is the Director of Business Development at, he’s on the advisory board at SXSW, which is all very impressive. But I like him because he’s a Los Angeles Kings fan and we share the same birthday. You know he’s gotta be good people.

e14: Kenny Eliason

Kenny Eliason from NeonBrand is extremely knowledgable about SEO and is kind enough to share a bunch of that information right here in this episode!