e10: Doug Daulton

This week I chat with Doug Daulton, a long time friend and fellow geek. Doug’s journey in to photography and movie making over the past decade have been a lot of fun to watch. In this week’s episode we talk about that journey, taking an internship and he has some excellent advice if you’re considering crowdfunding a project.

The topic list looks a bit like this:

  • Doug’s history in Vegas
  • Being a storyteller
  • Work / Life balance
  • Getting in to Photography
  • Taking an internship at Pixel Corps
  • Networking is a byproduct of the work
  • Starting Signal Worx
  • Shooting a movie in Iceland
  • Crowdfunding a movie
  • 10 years to be an overnight success

Want to get in touch with Doug? Here’s how: dougdaulton.com or @dougdaulton



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