e8: Phil Simon

This week I chat with Phil Simon, an author of seven business books who happens to be based right here in Las Vegas. We met through one of the many tech events in downtown Vegas and initially bonded over our shared love of the greatest TV show of all time, Breaking Bad.

In this episode we talk a bit about Phil’s new book, Message Not Received. Plus we touch on the following topics:

  • A bit about Phil’s history, moving to Vegas, the Vegas tech scene and businesses with no websites
  • 12 minutes in, our first Breaking Bad reference.
  • Phil’s new book, “Message Not Received
  • Email is the devil for project management
  • John’s magical Google multi-inbox setup
  • MultiTasking is Bullshit
  • Jargon and the ‘Curse of Knowledge’
  • The writing process
  • Post: The rise of the hybrid author
  • Telling a great story

You can find Phil at philsimon.com or on twitter @philsimon

Phil Simon

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