e7: Cami Kaos

I say it a lot, the WordPress community is so strong not just because of the designers and developers that physically make the WordPress software, but because of everybody in the community. This week I chat with Cami Kaos, she runs WordCamp Central. If you’ve been to a WordCamp event in the recent past, one of the many reasons it was a success was because of the great work that Cami and the rest of the team do.

Here is some of what we chat about:

  • John is terrible at booking travel
  • Cami’s history with WordPress
  • Mod Podge is glue and a hodgepodge is a mix of things
  • Helping people at WordCamps
  • Calling all organizers for WordCamp Portland!
  • Become a WordCamp Organizer
  • What is that WordCamp Central and what do they do?
  • Getting involved with the WordPress community
  • A bit about un-conferences
  • Swearing in podcasts, blog posts and social media

You can find Cami’s blog at camikaos.com and she’s on twitter @camikaos


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